Technical solutions for the durable development

After sales department

Our after sales team operates worldwide to perform the supervision of installation, commissioning and products process development.   It also provides spot technical support for existing facilities.
The spare parts service will supply the original parts of your machines without a time limit, with over 80% of parts available in stock. Consumable parts such as cutter knives, feed dishes, rubber rings, feeding rolls, lags and pins are available from our stock and exported worldwide.

Customers oriented services

During installation we help you with the machines lay-out and the supervision of your teams for erection, wiring and piping.
During Commissioning we support you in the validation of your products, reaching production targets and the training of your staff.
We can also assist with your maintenance work or during your product process development.

Spare parts offer

Partnered with our Engineering Department and our Process and Manufacturing department, the Spare Parts department will quote your machine parts whatever is their age, looks at the stock and defines a delay for manufacturing if necessary.

Stock and manufacturing of parts

80 % of the spare parts requested by our customers are in stock in our facilities of Cours La Ville.  The remaining 20 % are produced in our manufacturing facilities.

Worldwide shipping

With 90 % of our activity being worldwide, we are international transport specialists, with experience in packaging, carriers choice or customs formalities.